Category: Cooking

Authors: Inguss/Andris Reizembergi

Release date: 2018

Pages: 238

Language: Latvian and English

Simple, Simple, apt and delicious, from the world classics to search of innovative flavors. One thing everyone knows about Riga: it will never be finished, but if it is, then it sinks in Daugava. There are no doubts - Riga will live forever, as long as we make our stories, share emotions, capture it all in photos and, yes, will enjoy special Riga cocktails. 

To do that, keyword not always must be “bar”, you can get your special flavor in more intimate atmosphere - at home with your loved ones, in romantic solitude or social party, where everyone of us can become a beverage maker. As much Riga and its people are diverse, so are the cocktails of this city. So the book will allow to experience the best and brightest flavor combinations to everyone who is ready to learn a few simple cocktail knowledge things, to make mind blowing drink to self and friends. 

Long-time and award-winning bartenders Andris and Inguss Reizenbergi will help you taste Riga, whose every day life is spent by searching and finding the most excellent flavors. Book is both in Latvian and English, so it will be not only useful addition for your home bar, but also nice gift for the city guests.

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