Channel: Lattelecom STV

Presenters: Baiba Prindule-Rence | Sandis Miltovičš

On air: since may 11th, on Wednesdays 21.00

Length: 1 season

Our home must be the reflection of our personality and must create the feeling of what we like. We must feel good in our home, it should be a place where we get back our strength and recover energy for the upcoming day. Unfortunately, not always we can create the real feeling. Baiba PRindule and Sandis Miltovičs came to the rescue on the summer of 2016 - with ideas, with advice, with green plants and more, in order to give a home its soul and bring in the actual feeling.

During the season we helped to bring the new life into 9 different spaces. Both large and small went shopping with our presenters to make choices at shelves of the stores and assisted with decorating and little “DIY” tasks.

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